Transform and Roll Out!

Not to brag or anything... but I seem to rock the sharpies like a bad motha fucka.

Optimus Prime

Seriously, though. Everytime I make a rediculously large drawing (this one took up a whole sketchbook page) that pretty much requires I use a sharpie to ink it, it always turns out way better than if I use a tiny micron and get all the little itty bitty details. I have this Godzilla drawing I did for a T-shirt over the summer and since it was so big I used a sharpie. Well it turned out pretty awesome even though I still haven't made the T-shirt (I need to get some glow-in-the-dark screen ink) I still think it rocks better than any small drawing I could have done.

I'm gonna do a lot more with the whole sharpie thing but the down side is that I can't really make comics in sharpie. I mean they just don't make scanners big enough for that kind of thing and I'll be damned if I'm gonna stich pages that big all the time. I have learned an iportant lessong, though. Less small details and thicker lines make for a better picture, especially when reduced.



So I guess I already posted that one. At least I posted a link of it. Oh well. No one is really reading this yet so I won't sweat it too much.


Oh, yeah. There's this...

Self-Aware page 1

Self-Aware page 2

Self-Aware page 3

Self-Aware page 4

Self-Aware page 5

Self-Aware page 6

Yeah so this crappy little thing is a comic I wrote and drawed for the PNCA comics anthology. PNCA is the school i up and left. Keep in mind I penciled, inked, toned and lettered this bad boy in one sleepless fuckin' night. Otherwise I swears it would look much better. And hey it was good enough to actually make it in. I think it was my sweet lettering job that helped me make the cut, though. The lettering I did with ILLUSTRATOR and not COMICLIFE. Because ComicLife sucks to no end. No fucking end. the end.

But yeah, I figured I should post this to prove I actually do make comics. Like for reals comics. But it aint something I'd want to show Rick Spears, who I've decided I'm gonna art for someday. His storries are the badd-ass-est I've ever read.


Well it sure has been a while since my last post. I'm actually lucky I figured out how to post again. Blogger wouldn't recognize my name and password but I fortunately can get in through Google for some reason. That's what I get, though for playing Zelda for nearly four days straight. But at least I beat it.

Anyways, COMICS. So since I've had so many video games I've kind of slacked on comics. Oops. But I decided I'm gonna start working on some old story I started when I was like younger than 10. It's just these marshmellows that can talk and walk. I figured out a way to make them look less like Kirby than I had originally drawn them and not disturbing like all my other attemps at reinvisioning them. I just making them for my brother's kids for now but I'll post the pages up on here as I get them done.

In the meantime I'll leave you with something me and my brother made with ComicLife at OMSI. Don't mind the typos:

The Program That Sucked to No End