So tonight I watched that movie Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger and there's this scene where he's blowing the fuck out of this port with these big ass rails guns and then James Kaan gets on this shipping crate and is all "drop the guns" or whatever and I kept wishing Arnold would look up at him with a big grin and say "Holy shit, dude, you gotta try these fuckin things"

And this has to do with comics because... uh.. maybe I'll write something like that into a comic. I dunnoh.

Oh but okay well how 'bout this: I have pages 1 through 7 of the Hardcoreasaurus comic colored. I have page 1 lettered too soo hot damn I'm gettin this shit done.

And also, I went to the comic store today and finally got the conclusion of the five part DMZ arc that's been going on and I got POCI 5. So that was cool.



You know what this is?
Hardcoreasaurus Preview
It's all freakin 11 pages, 2 covers and one ilmeasured pages of Hardcoreasaurus in INK! I'm done! Well, with this part. Here's what the next part looks like:

What I have to do now...
I have to sit down with that glowing rectangle and color each page. THEN I have to make the backgrounds in a pixel art program, put those in and finally after I'm satisfied with all of that I get to do my favorite thing to do in comics: Lettering.

I don't know why I like it so much... Maybe because most newbies don't know how to letter with adobe illustrator and I happen to avoid a lot of the mistakes most newcomers make so my letters tend to look better than expected. Also I guess I just like it because when the letters go on the whole thing really comes together. I remember how amazed I was at how the first page of Self-Awareness really didn't look professional until I had the letters finished. I finally felt like I was making a real comic.