Jesus Hates Zombies

So after some internal debate about what to do for my next project I ended up stumbling across it on comicspace. It's a comic called Jesus Hates Zombies and it's written by Stephen Lindsay and Michael Bartolotta. It's about Jesus... fighting zombies. That's right. So basically they broke the story down into like 17 smaller stories and for each one, there's a different artist. I'm actually working on the first 5 pages of the book. I'm really stoked. I'm really flexing my comics muscles on this one too. I actually have to DRAW THE BACKGROUNDS!!! DUNDUNDUN! Luckily if I have a ruler handy and some good reference I'm not half bad at it. And quite frankly I'd rather do it this way then the pixelated route. Those backgrounds kicked my ass both technically and compositionally.
So far all I have is a couple of roughs. I mean I have the dummy dummy pages finished so I know where everything is gonna go but since I'm not flying this one solo I'm polishing the dummy pages a lot more. I'm practically doing full pencils on them but it helps give the writer a really good idea of the direction I'm going. And that way if something isn't quite working, I can fix it.
Anyways, I'll keep updates here. I know I'm basically talking to myself but one of these days there will people who read this. I'm finally making some good progress on this comics goal of mine.



The Comic will be unvieled on Tuesday.
I'm posting it on myspace, live journal, blogger, deviantart, and comicspace. check it out at any of those.

Anyways, this is pretty big for me. I printed out the cover last night on some slightly glossy cardstock and it was such a surreal experience finally seeing it as something tangible. It's going to be really awesome when I get it printed as a book.

Anyways come back tomorrow and you can see it here!