Hardcoreasaurus 2 Update!

Well, sadly Hardcoreasaurus 2 is on the back burner for a couple of weeks. Here's why:

A.) I've decided to rush through my back log of unfinished projects for other people. This is: the Clark College shirt, the Put Your Foot Down image, secret birthday gift commission for a friend's husband, Valerie Frost's tattoo design, and some images for Krysalis Moon, Lego Character for Jennifer Pipes, and anything else I'm forgetting at the moment.

B.) I found an open anthology of ghost tales that will be ending on the 15th so I have to come up with and finish that 4-15 page story in two weeks. (More on that in a bit)


C.) I have a bunch of crappy crap to do to get on unemployment and food stamps.

So, about the ghost story. I think I'm pretty settled on what I'm doing now. My idea is to do a story about a couple who tables at the Olympia Comics Festival and while they are in town the purchase an art desk from an antique store. They take it home to Portland with them and soon discover it is haunted. They drive all the way back to Olympia to return it only to find that the antique shop has closed down and has apparently been closed for years. It at some point possesses whichever of them I decide is the artist and they start drawing symbols on them selves and drawing demons over and over again. I won't ruin the ending but I really like it. SO I'll keep you updated on that when I start working on it.

Also while thinking about the ghost story I had a cute idea for a flash animation. It's a spoof commercial for a game called "Wii-ji Board" that is basically a Ouiji Board for the Nintendo Wii. I'll have to check to see if it's been done yet but hopefully not.


Inking Woes... AGAIN?

Okay seriously?

So I'm trying to ink the first page of Hardcoreasaurus 2 and I keep running into issues. First, the brand new ink I bought bleeds on the brand new comic art boards I bought. I tried the ink on a piece of Strathmore bristol board and it works fine, so I'm like "Who the eff makes these comic art boards?" I look and it's effing Strathmore! And the comic art boards are BRISTOL! So why is there such a huge difference? I would just switch to the bristol but I already penciled on the comic art board... Okay, so I think, "maybe different ink will work." I try it and I find out that in fact, different ink works great... Oh except I can't draw more than a centimeter before it runs out. It's not the ink or the pen that's the issue. They both worked incredibly well on some crappy nondescript paper for the Circle of Awesome. It's these stupid art boards! I would use microns but I really am not fond of how UNdynamic they are with line widths and such. It's like when my driver that controls pressure sensitivity on my Tablet PC randomly quits working. They have they're purpose but right now, that purpose is not drawing super heroes and dinosaurs. It's actually drawing the panel borders. Given that borders are supposed to be consistent and all. I can't find any other nibs for my quill pen which I'm hoping makes a difference. Maybe the generic paper screwed up the nib that's on it or something. I really won't know until I find those nibs. So anyways, I'm shelving the inking for now and focusing on writing (like I should be).

Any artists reading this let me know what infuriating problems you encounter in your art processes.



Yep, I've finally returned to my blogger after three years of neglect.

I've been working on Hardcoreasaurus 2 finally. actually started inking pages even.

I'll be back later with a more legitimate blog, but mostly I wanted to say I'm back.