I'm not as worried now.

Just to give anyone reading this an update:
Page 1 - Done
Page 2 - Half Pencils
Page 3 - Pencils
Pages 4-6 - Panels

On a somewhat unrelated note: I had a layout that needed three equal panels horizontal. I was trying to figure out what 9.5 inches devided by 3 was in fractions, when I realized that blue line already marks thirds for you. That makes things easier on a couple of these pages.


I wish I had the time to treat comics like a full-time job. Unfortunately I still have four years of school left and I don't get paid for comics.

I've been way too slow with this Jesus comic and I'm afraid that I'm gonna be replaced. Stephen hasn't come right out and said that, but I know I'm the slowest artist of all of them and he posted something about needing a new artist to pull the comic through the finish line. Unless someone actually bailed, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who's slowing the project down.

This really sucks... Maybe he took that last little comic too seriously.