Taking a cue from Vasilis Lolos and making my own comics blog. I was gonna make my deviantart my art journal but I hate using that freakin thing. So here we are.

I picked up Pirates of Coney Island 1 & 2 today and I forgot Rick Spears wrote 'em. When I realized I was like "no wonder I like these so damn much". My favorite comic is Teenagers from Mars. And these are swiftly becoming my second. It's for serious one of my goals to some day draw a book or two for Rick Spears and Brian Wood. And to swap drawing with Vasilis, Becky Cloonan, Ross Campbell, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ryan Kelly. Nononono WAIT. No it would be awesome if I was doin fanart in the back of their books. WAIT! It'd be kick ass if they were also making fanart in the back of my books. Holy shit, that would be the best right there.

So far the only comics I've made, though, are this and this. Oh and this other really old one that I made like sophomore year and it's all anime-ish. It's stupid. You don't want to see that.

I'm working on a giant monster book. And I've been throwing around a ghost story. Just a short because ghost stories aren't creepy if they are long. You lose the heebly geebly factor pretty fast if you keep on going with something like that. And none of this the Ring knock off crap. I'm sick of that. Dirty monochromatic dead people and little kids just aint scary. People whispering to you when you're all by yourself is. Or seeing some eyes out the window for a split second.