I'm a little frustrated. I get absolutely no comments on this blog...

Oh well... I'll just have to start cross posting.

Okay so in my first bit of news I just want to say that I've been coming up with a lot of short comic ideas. I have two that I really want to get going on, one that I started with my brother who's writing it aswell as adding some art here and there, and one that I've done a ton of work on that is based on a story my friend Layne wrote. More on that last one in a minute. Basically, though my comics spirit has new vigor. And it's exciting!

Okay secondly check this out:

Chinese Ink Set Closed

Chinese Ink Set Open

Chinese Ink Set Inks

Chinese Ink Set Brushes
That's a sweet Chinese brush and ink set that my girlfriend got me from Cost Plus World Market. Now I know this blog is supposed to be about comics but I figure since comics are inked, this falls in an acceptable range of comics related subject matter. Of course, I'm never going to use this ink set because I want it to stay really nice but it's still really awesome and needs to be shared.

So this:

My Desk 2/2007

is the real reason I'm making this post. I've got my desk all organized(ish) and in working order. See that? I actually have comics there. Comics that I'm making. So what is all this stuff you ask? Well the comics pages on the wall are the digital pencils from the Hardcoreasaurus comic starring Jessie and based off of a story by Layne. I printed them all out and posted them up there because I have to start over with for reals pencils. So far I have pages cover and 1 penciled. That's what's chillin on the desk there in front of the rubber duckies, the turtle tots and Godzilla. And theres some tools sittin around being useful. I finally learned how to use a T-Square the right way and these panel things that used to be difficult are a breeze! It's awesome.

That Cork-EZ thing is some work I did for a package design for a product that will probably never see the light of day. Under that is an assignment from illustration class. I like that drawling. It's all in sharpie. I have that up to remind me that PNCA wasn't a complete waste of time like I always seem to make it out to be. That basket ball hoop at the top is where I throw a little foam basketball when I get bored. It helps when I get burnt out from drawing or just get creative block. The walls in here are really yellow. It's kind of gross. Because they used to be white.

Anyways it feels good to actually be making comics at my desk. It's about damn time frankly. And I really have to give it up to Layne and Ms. Dole for inspiring the comic plastered up on the wall. And a big extra special thanks to Jenni for getting me that super awesome ink set.