The Learning Continues

First, a progress report:

Page 1 - Done
Page 2 - Inked (save for one panel)
Page 3 - Done
Page 4 - Nearly done. Needs letters and cleaned up tones.
Page 5 - Um... still panels.
Page 6 - Yeah, same deal here.

So, yesterday I went to a meeting for a comics collective that some of my PNCA buddies have started. It was actually pretty cool. We made a Jam comic and I worked on Page 4 inks while we shot the shit about nothing in particular. It was nice to hang out with people I could talk comics to. Really nice.

Stumptown is coming up. I'm a little freaked out. I was hoping by stumptown 2007 I'd have Frogra issues 1-3 finished and I'd have enough money to get a table and tons of cool stuff for the table. Maybe it'll have to wait for the next spokane comics show. Here's a list of what I want to have for this years Stumptown:

-JHZ pages
-Hardcoreasaurus Pages
-Various Illustrations

About 10 copies of Hardcoreasaurus

About 20 copies of Self-Aware

About 10 copies of the whole JHZ anthology or 20 copies of my 6 pages

50 bussiness cards

10 copies of the manual for robots

30 buttons

Some Stickers

A sweet handmade bag to carry it all in.

Maybe I'll get a table if I can come up with around $150-$200 dollars by the middle of August. We'll see. First thing's first, though. I need to get my pages done for Jesus Hates Zombies.