Stumptown '08

So I'll start where I left off. After making all those CDs for the Manual for Robots, I began work on more copies of Self-Aware.


Then it was on to the T-shirts

Screen Painting
First Screen
Screen Filler
Test 1

I made a screen and tested it out, but I didn't like the font and when I tried to fix parts of the skull I ended up ruining the stencil. So I washed it out, started over and this time traced a print out of the text with one of my handwritten type faces.

Do over
Test 2
Test 3
Her Shirt
My Shirt

After that I got kicked out of the front room so me and my dad set up a space in the garage where he got my computer working again so I worked on my website and bussiness cards.

New Set Up
Bussiness Card Sheets
Making Cards and Messes
Bussiness Cards
JmD cut out
One last set up

So I spent all my time getting ready for the con all the way up to the last few hours before set up. So I get there and what do I see?


Haha the whole place was empty save for like 10 tables. Apparently there was some mix up with the table guy but they soon got the tables in and I even helped put them up.

Puttin up tables
More tables

I did eventually get my table all set up and ready to go and someone even took a picture of me.

All Set Up!
Me at the Table
Thatta Way

So yeah, I didn't sell very much. Infact I didn't sell any of those comics I was making the CDs for. Apparently the vague cover and steep prices weren't enough to attract any attention. But I garnered a lot of interest for Jesus Hates Zombies (so much so I had to make new bussiness cards Saturday night with JHZ info on them) and I sold a couple copies of Hardcoreasaurus and Self-Aware. We had free cookies and pretty much ran out by the end of the convention. And that's actually after getting two more things Sunday morning. I made a lot of connections, though. I met Stan Yan, one of the artists who contributed to the JHZ pin up gallery. And I made friends with the couple who shared a table with us. Sunday Jenni spent most of the con playing WoW but I don't really blame her. It was pretty slow at our table and we both got tired on Saturday.

Me and Jenni at Stumptown

All in all I had a pretty good time. It's really got the fire under my butt to do more comics and illustration so hopefully I'll be working on stuff a lot more.

I actually have a table at the Olympia Comics Festival in June. Hopefully I can manage it with my surgery recovery and all. It shouldn't be too bad. And I have some ideas to help me meet people and get people to at least come take a look at my artwork.

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